Welcome to Joakim´s racing website, here you can read about Joakim´s racing career.
At the age of 8 Joakim started to compete in motorsports. He started with Go-cart and at the age of 14 he took his steps to Formel Ford (formula cars).

In season 2015 Joakim took the next step in to racing in a touring car and he started his International career with the series of Trofeo Abarth in Europe.

For Joakim to be able to continue his International career there are a few details needed. One of these details we already have and that is his talent, social abilities and technical skills as a driver with good physics.

The other details to make the wheel spin is a competitive car and a professional team that gives Joakim all the right tools to make it to the top, and of course the Business partners and Sponsors. For them to stand-by helping Joakim with the financial conditions, is in a big mean needed to be able to be so successful.

All Business partners and Sponsors are offered both clear positions on the race car, with the decal, and also to be exposed on the races and through media. We also offer events during the season that can give you new business contacts.

Is a long-term investment that is pointing towards Joakims future career in racing. During autumn 2017, when Joakim has taken the grand title in Trofeo Abarth, as his plan says! After this it is time to start testing a different and faster car and to make the plans for the next step and season 2018. A long-term business relationship has been planted with some of our Business partners and Sponsors.

We are always open for discussing new opportunities with all our contacts.

If you would like to come in contact with Joakim, please e-mail him from our website or send an e-mail to: racing@darbom.com.